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Does Connectio Really Work
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Connectio Review

Profiting always from the subscriber lists is tougher than ...

And profiting from face book ™ adverts can be harder.

Subscribers are becoming bombarded by emails nowadays. This would make it harder and harder to get them to open yoursmuch less click .

Even though they really do open and click on your mails, research show that buyers desire seven exposures to a supply before purchasing. That means sending more emails, which just further compounds the problem of falling open rates of Connectio!

Studies also show that tracking your subscribers' behaviour with your mails can increase sales dramatically.
But that will require subscriptions, expensive software, data-tracking/analysis and other capabilities that many marketers or company proprietors simply can't afford.

The Remedy Isn't What Everyone Is Chasing

Believing a new autoresponder service will magically solve every email advertising problem is wishful thinking.

As the major difficulty is unfocused marketing: blasting out messages that are contentious daily. That lands people inside the junk box also racks up the unsubscribes.

Before advertising method varies, no more autoresponder on the planet will increase earnings and delivery over the long term.
There is A Smarter... And MUCH Easier Way:
More Details:
It's been proven that coordinating your email lists along with other sorts of targeted marketing works far better than just emailing alone.

Retargeting can be a method that's been used with excellent success by marketers in all niches.
All by itself, it is a strong conversion fostering instrument:

Inspite of the strong increase that online re-targeting
Provides, it's still rather limited about exactly what it may perform...

That is only because it works based on data it receives from a pixel you place on a site or even a landing page. Your re-targeting campaign will not know anything about any visitors' inbox activities.

As an instance, there's no way for the re-targeting system to know if they open your emails or clicked any one of your links (unless of course, it's to your own site and you also get a re-targeting/conversion pixel because of this ).

Furthermore, there's no way to spot your non-buying subscribers vs. your buying subscribers. If you don't filter the data, insert conversion pixels, segment your lists, then export csv's and make different custom audiences, and etc...

And let's face it, doing everything that may get incredibly cumbersome and difficult to manage!

Not to mention that if you are doing internet affiliate marketing online, you are actually sending the traffic to sites that you never get a handle on. Therefore, generally, you have no access to this re-targeting data!

I already have and utilize re-targeting. . What's the gap?
As we describe above on the page, with normal web-based re-targeting you can only target based on what people do in your website.
The fact is that just a small percentage of people will click on the links of this you send out via email, meaning that you can catch and re-target just a tiny percentage of your subscriber base utilizing standard re-targeting.

There's no way to capture along with re-target subscribers who don't click any one of your links, including.
With email re-targeting along with also the capabilities you get with ConnectAudience, you can now re-target to your entire subscriber lists, with a variety of settings and preferences.

Can it be ConnectAudience completely compliant with Facebook™?

Our development team failed a strict, very thorough process to meet Facebook™'s standards as a way to gain access to its advertising platform API.

ConnectLeads makes it easier than
Ever to complete this all and more!

Given that Facebook™ has introduced its awesome new lead-generating technology using FB™ Lead adverts (see below), it's time to raise your a game!

ConnectLeads provides you with an easy-to-use system to build your subscriber lists mechanically on Facebook™ via its alluring new Lead Ad feature.

You don't have to be considered a Facebook™ marketing pro, hire outsourcers or spend hundreds/thousands of dollars on dedicated apps. With ConnectLeads, you'll have all you need!

Now, almost any business can leverage Facebook™ adverts to the max!

With NO technical experience or special knowledge needed.

(take a look at the demonstration further down this site to see exactly how it works!)

Here is what a number of our clients have to say about ConnectLeads...

"Before I used ConnectLeads I gave up on Facebook™ Lead Ads, (even though my cost-per-lead was 50% lower using lead ads), because I had to manually download the results in FB™ and upload ActiveCampaign. Now, with all ConnectLeads, it's all automatic and functions like a charm. "

"At first sight face-book ™ Lead Ads looked as the entrepreneurs fantasy! I mean, it's NEVER been THIS an easy task to amass verified effects on Facebook™...

... before I realized there Is Not Any way to get those subscribers into my email list

And then... ConnectLeads came together! An ideal solution at an ideal time. Thanks guys, you guys solved my whole issue. Your software today helps me siphon leads from face-book ™ straight into all my auto responders!"

"Before using ConnectLeads I *almost* handed up on Facebook™ Lead Ads because I had to manually import & download a whole lot of CSV files everyday (but got complaints of slow response).

Now I'm using ConnectLeads I couldn't be more happy! Leads are added to my email list in realtime without any manual input out of my part.

Even used it to acquire webinar registrations for the live workshop, which worked like a breeze!"

"I'm in the midst of a launch for an online nutrition challenge that's 1000 contestants and has had in over 7 figures thus far.
ConnectRetarget has helped tremendously with all our capacity to keep those prospects that show continuing interest within our landing and sales pages engaged and seeing with our targeted face-book ™ advertising.
There's not anything like this out there and combined side Wilco's other excellent tools that come together well with ConnectRetarget I wouldn't possess any funnel live without ConnectRetarget helping people reach bigger conversions! "

"ConnectRetarget is really revolutionary for any kind of internet business. Never have I managed to create such special retargeting audiences.
Every one understands the power behind retargeting nevertheless when you are ready to pinpoint exactly who to re-target and why, it becomes a whole lot stronger. "

"Ordinarily it requires us a while of research to find those laser-targeted interests in a fresh niche. ConnectExplore automates it for all of us, saving us hours !

We used ConnectExplore to some fresh Shopify store in a fresh niche we've never entered earlier. Thus far, we've made $9633 pure profit -- on just one thing!

This brand new store has over 20 items, making $8K/day... and everything started using ConnectExplore. Fully suggest deploying it!"

"ConnectExplore gets the most comprehensive Facebook™ interest targeting I've EVER seen! The stats would be to such minute detail that if a curiosity isn't converting you realize it instantly!
Wilco's wheels not quit turning. Thanks!"

```yet more Wilco along with his team have produced something which will allow me to make more money with my Facebook™ advertising while simplifying the practice of doing so.
I get clear ROI out of his applications every time thanks!!"

```definitely, in case you don't have this application... well... you're missing out. We run a great deal of ads. Back in 2016 we spent 6 characters on Facebook™ adverts alone, and there is one significant issue that always comes up.
Deciding winning campaigns. I loaded up the tool and copied in my settings, after about 10 seconds I gotta say... Wilco you've outdone yourself.
I used to be a fan of those other programs, but not really got to'with' them. We're going to be applying this particular daily. The audience comprises , the page feature, the attention"winner" feature.
Hands down man, that is amazing and certainly will put in MULTIPLE 0's to your bottom line in 2013 "


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