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ZingBank 2.0 Inspection (What they don't reveal to you upfront!)

ClickBank is a platform for both vendors and affiliate marketers to make money online. They had launched their very first version of ZingBank back in 2013 and 3 decades after they have upgraded it to 2.0.

Inside this ZingBank 2.0 review, I will show to you what they aren't telling you upfront, and despite being such a reputable company on the marketplace.

I think that is extremely critical to be vulnerable for anybody that want to spend in this...

(if you would like to understand what ZINGBANK 2.0 is not revealing to you upfront, you need to read into the end!)

ZingBank 2.0 is an upgraded edition of a series of internet course which aim at assisting both vendors and affiliate marketers to utilize ClickBank and make money on the web.

Then you ought to know that ClickBank is one of the most significant affiliate marketplaces for selling products, if you're knowledgeable about affiliate marketing.

However, the primary focus of ZingBank is to teach individuals how to create their own digital products to market on ClickBank.

Let's take a look at everything you may anticipate from ZINGBANK 2.0...

Training on Affiliate Marketing

Like I have stated, ZINGBANK 2.0 includes two main parts for their training. One of them is that this 8-week course to teach people how to market other people's product on ClickBank.

You do not need to produce your own product and everything you need to do would be to promote other people's product and earn affiliate commissions.

(If that sounds good to you, you could be interested in this program.)

However, the problem with ZINGBANK 2.0 is they place a great deal less emphasis on the internet online affiliate marketing part. So that the training this is decent or I would say below average because the information provided is limited and not updated.

A better place for you will be in Wealthy Affiliate.

12-Week Coaching for Vendors

They place more emphasis to help individuals create their very own products to sell online.

The instruction here is very extensive and informative. They cover a wide range of topics that include:

Brainstorming and researching on what product to make and what niche to enter
To create a customer avatar
To Make a digital product
The Way to Make a landing page/squeeze page
The Way to create a sales funnel
The Way to drive traffic to your landing page
How to make affiliates to promote your product
How to scale up your ClickBank business, etc.. .

Therefore, in case you've got specific experience/knowledge to talk about the world and you're interested in making your own product, I would highly suggest ZingBank 2.0 to you because you can really learn a great deal of insider knowledge and techniques from them.

Incidentally, all training is to view and PDFs to read.

(I will cover the downsides to such training in the future in this overview )

Weekly Live Q&A Webinar with Adam & Justin

Adam and Justin provide a Q&A webinar which makes it possible for members to ask some questions they have. Another thing is that the webinars are recorded so any member can see them.

This sounds like a fantastic idea but generally there is not a subject so the entire webinar will be messy that is full of questions that are random.

Additionally, I am guessing this is one of their approach to"hook" associates to remain locally and continue paying for the monthly cost of $47. Once they've finished the classes, right, Otherwise, members can cancel their membership?
Personal ZINGBANK Facebook Support Team

You'll have access to their Facebook group that is private and a ZINGBANK forum. Participation and the activeness within the discussion along with the group are adequate. As the one I'm personally involved in, However, their community is definitely not as busy.

Adam and Justin will participate in the discussion but its quite.

ClickBank Builder 2.0 (Upsell)

Here is the grab and one of the things which they will not tell you upfront in their sales movie.

ZingBank 2.0 upsell

They claim it the applications

ClickBank Builder 2.0 is a really helpful tool to help you easily create professional websites, landing pages and give pages.

It is a'drag-and-drop' tool with templates to assist you craft pages.

On the other hand, the catch is that this is an upsell that prices $594. Although it is a life access and you may have two payments of $297, it is far too expensive for a tool like this.

Personally, I am utilizing a powerful'drag-and-drop' page builder called"Thrive Architect" which just cost $67 to purchase a license for one site.

Thrive architect emblem

Needless to say, ClickBank Builder 2.0 has its advantage. It is created by ClickBank so that you customize and can readily incorporate it with your ClickBank offers.

On the other hand, the practice at ZINGBANK 2.0 mostly focuses on utilizing ClickBank Builder. This means that despite it is not a compulsory purchase, if you are a beginner, you will need to purchase it.

In the event you do not buy it, it'll be a lot more difficult for you to follow along with the training and implement what's taught.

One more thing is that as soon as you start using ClickBank Builder, you will have to host your site if you decide to leave ZINGBANK and it's hard for you to move your website elsewhere.

This is what I called a"site caked" issue.

This is another thing you want to pay cash for. To conduct a successful online business, you'll need a lot more tools and resources, including your website domain, Email Service Provider (ESP), social networking programs, etc..

ZINGBANK force you to obtain these stuffs as they're necessary also will guide you to all these different services.


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