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Is Builderall a Scam?

(No, However you have to give up WordPress!)

Welcome into some Builderall Review!

"Imagine a world where you can access all the marketing tools that you want to succeed in your business!" - states that the Builderall sales pitch.

Do you believe that there is such a place where you can have all you will need to succeed online?

When it's, it ought to be really expensive?

Well, after all, there are many scams out there claiming that all you need is to buy their product and you're going to be successful.

Is Builderall?

We are going to find out soon...

(Rest assured I'm not an affiliate Builderall trying to pitch this merchandise to you!)

Builderall Review Summary

  • Product Title: Builderall
  • Founder: Founded by Erick Salgado at 2011
  • Item Sort: All-in-One Internet Advertising Platform

Best For: Anybody who Wish to Create money online or do some forms of advertising on the internet

Summary: Builderall is a terrific platform which delivers a wide assortment of tools that will assist you develop your internet business at a really affordable price. But it's a standalone platform that means you will need to switch to a totally new platform if you are currently using WordPress to construct website. Also, in order to keep on conducting your organization, you have to keep paying Builderall recurring fees.

In case you have some expertise in online marketing, you know this so as to conduct a fully working online business, you need a significant variety of different instruments and solutions.

For instance, you need a web hosting, a website builder, Email autoresponder, earnings funnel and a lot more.

Each one of these is largely paid services by itself and you can easily spend hundreds of dollars every month on these tools.

Allow Me to just show you some of the common instruments and how much they cost independently:

Wealthy Affiliate (Web hosting + Website Builder) - $49/month
ConvertKit (Email Autoresponder) - $29/month (for significantly less than 1K readers )

You see, since you become more and more advanced, you're likely to pay for more and more services also.

More Details: https://www.socialleadfreak.com/builderall-review
The Solution

Builderall is a All-in-One digital marketing platform that enables both novices and professional marketers to build their own sites, landing pages, revenue funnels and a lot more things to scale their internet business ALL IN 1 PLACE!

Simply speaking, it offers both Web design and electronic marketing tools. Not only that, their prices are also extremely inexpensive.

More on the in depth features afterwards. Let us first take a look at a DEMO movie by Alex Paim, Builderall Marketing Strategist, walking throughout the entire Builderall platform:

As you can see, Builderall has plenty of useful tools that are all relevant to digital marketing.

What's Included in Builderall?

Hence that the listing below are all the tools you'll be able to access from the Builderall platform which you've only seen in the video. Let me just briefly walk you through every one of them...

HTML5 (Drag & drop ) Site Builder - User-friendly interface that even beginners can create amazing sites (include thousands of templates)

Responsive Website/Blog Builder - Here is the attribute I could not agree on. Builderall does NOT have a responsive Site builder (I will explain later)
Animated Video Creator - This is a very cool feature. You can readily create your very own animated video to publicize your company.
Floating Video Creator - The characteristic the makes your movie float onto your own website.
Layout Studio Mockups - This is yet another Terrific tool for you to look professional-looking cover pictures, images, etcwithout using complicated photo editing software
Display Builder - This instrument allows you to create digital demonstration on your site (unlike the real life demonstration )
On-Page SEO Report Tool - Another fantastic thing about Builderall is that their website can be indexed and rank on Google. This tool helps you optimize your Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization ) settings.
Facebook Integration - Builderall sites can easily integrate together with your FB page to obtain more leads and clients from the followers on Facebook.
Browser Notifications - This really is a Really powerful function as your audience will get notifications about your site even if they are not on your site (Obviously with their consent )
Lead Capture Tools - I think this requires no additional explanation. It helps you collect your subscribers Email addresses
Click/Heat Map Tool - This is yet another interesting instrument. This is often a paid support from different companies. It's possible to track the way your audience behave on your site to optimize your conversion speed.
IOS/Android App Creator - Last but not least, a second special tool. You can easily build your very own cellular App in their system.

What I like about Builderall is they have a whole great deal of guidance in their platform. Despite you can find so many different features, you can find 200+ video tutorials to teach you how to use each of these to develop your business.

On top of this, there's a Personal Facebook Group for all Builderall associates as well as Weekly Live Training for one to learn new skills.

Who's Builderall for?

Since Builderall has lots of tools and functions, it is actually appropriate for a vast variety of viewers, including...

Newbies (who have no expertise in digital marketing)
Affiliate Marketers (who make commission by encouraging other people's goods )
Product Creators (who desires to sell their own products online, both bodily & digital)
Small Business Owners (may be individuals who want to Construct a site for their Community business)
Marketing Agencies (assist other people with website building and promotion )
Anyone who wants to make Money on the Internet

However, I believe Builderall is NOT for people who already have their own websites unless they would like to spend time and money to switch stage, which I believe is a stupid idea.

You have to be aware that Builderall is a standalone platform.

Though it can incorporate with quite a number of third party software/tools, then you'll need to stick to this particular platform and continue paying monthly or annual fees if you'd like your sites or your landing pages to stay running. (That is the"Platform Lock-in" problem which I'll talk about in just a minute )

Consequently, should you chance to be someone who does not have a site yet and wish to build one to the online business, then Builderall is right for you.

Builderall will also be for you if you just need to create a landing page or a funnel for the next campaign.

Apart from that, I wouldn't advise you to change into a completely new platform like following a"shiny object".

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So here are the pricing options...

Builderall Monthly Pricing

There are three different pricing alternatives in Builderall, namely Web Presence, Digital Marketing and Builderall Business.

The screenshot above shows the monthly recurring fees and the screenshot below is your cost if you pay yearly.



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