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What if I told you that there is just only one single tool that, using a few clicks, you can have an instant lead magnet to start growing your list... What if I also told you that you could use the exact identical tool to drive traffic back to your website so that you could grow your list and also make more sales... Can you be interested in learning more about any of this Designrr?

But imagine if I took that 1 step farther and told you that you could use this tool and actually offer lead magnets and traffic to get clients with a couple of straightforward clicks... Meaning you can essentially provide an extremely valuable service that just takes you a couple minutes to meet nevertheless, you could possibly earn thousands each month together with.

You would certainly be pretty pumped to catch this application and put it by its own moves, right?

Check this out...

A buddy of all Paul Clifford, created this tool also it's called Designrr. It actually costs $37 a month, and it is an absolute steal for what you can perform using it. But he hooked us up having an even greater price...

More Details:
Designrr Logo

But, before I reach that, I wanted to crack all of the many ways that some one could utilize Designrr in their organization. We use it ourselves every single day, so I will share some screenshots and example use cases as we move...

My objective is that, at the conclusion of this, you'll realize how powerful this tiny cheap tool is and you'll want to catch it through our affiliate link by the close of the post.

So, without further ado, here's the a variety of approaches you may use the powerful tool, Designrr, on your business...
Make a PDF version for a lead magnet

This is just about the simplest and most obvious use for Designrr also it's just about what it was designed for.

Every time you produce a post, only log in into Designrr, plug in the URL of your latest blog post, permit it to convert this blog article into a beautiful PDF, dependent on a single of these pre requisite templates.

If you would like to get it extra special, you can add some incentive content to the PDF that is perhaps not at the original post, just to offer a bit more incentive to catch the PDF edition.

Here's a Fast example of what one of our finished PDFs looks like:

Designrr - PDF - Cartoon

Now, you might be thinking,"why would anybody desire a PDF version of a blog post they just read?"

Well, it's surprisingly powerful. Folks today love to have a variant that's easy to print and read off line. People love to spare PDF variant to their desktop that they could revisit it later without needing to locate the particular URL again or to get once they're not online.

I personally download PDFs and add them into my Kindle therefore I can organize them and re read them later.

Whatever the reason is, most people really like to catch the PDF models, which makes it the absolute simplest possible"lead magnet" you can use on a site article to start emphasizing growing which email list.
Utilize the PDF on numerous content novel platforms

Not only is Designrr the simplest solution to cultivate your list off the back of articles that you created, it is also a excellent way to generate traffic through repurposing your own content.

There are a lot of websites which enable one to fairly talk about PDFs and"slide presentations." Surprisinglythese PDFs can in fact rank quite well.

PDF Example - Google Search

To get a number of our client sites and affiliate sites, we actually own the front page of Google for our preferred keyword.

The rationale being that individuals will obtain our original website post, the PDF version of the blog post, why not a video version of the site post, and often an audio version of your post.

If our articles has something to sell inside, we want that articles in as many places as you can and becoming delivered through as many mediums as possible... And PDFs are great for it particular.

If you don't possess something for sale on your content, these PDFs function as a first introduction to your content. Since they connect back to a website mechanically, folks will naturally click back to a site in order to learn more out of you personally.

Several of the websites that we talk about our PDFs on comprise:

Google Docs

Simply talk about them as many internet sites as you can see to make the most of the vulnerability to your content.

Here is one of our posts on Speaker Deck:

Speaker Deck

Pro Hint: Be sure you have at least one affiliate link in every piece of articles that you print, as time passes, these PDFs boating will result in passive affiliate commissions.
Create a publication from multiple blog posts

I'm not positive if a lot of people caught on to this or maybe not... And I am not quite sure I must say anything about it because it had been sort of a tiny secret of ours... However, our latest publication, Ever Green Wisdom, was a round up of several of the very best weblog posts from through the years.

We did put in a few additional chapters that were never published over your blog and a number of the articles was from blog articles which are now no longer available however, 90 percent of the book was made from existing content.

Since Designrr allows you to export in multiple formats, it is extremely easy to create 1 ebook from 20 or more blog articles and export them into Kindle or iBook format. But you can even take that book, plop it in to Createspace and have a published publication you are able to sell.

Designrr - Export Options

We love to have ten or more novels on hand once we proceed to events or masterminds only so we can hand them out for free. It's a quick validity booster and a possible additional easy income stream.

Possessing a podcast? Proceed into, get a transcript of one's event, and convert it to a PDF... Or set episodes together with similar discussions into a single book. You have no idea how many books which are now for sale on Amazon rightnow were originally site articles or were audio content that was transcribed and changed into a publication. It's been a big trend in the nonfiction publishing world lately.
Create an downloadable PDF from someone else's blog content

Designrr does not only will need to be properly utilized on your content.

You may actually plug into virtually any blog article URL from around the web into Designrr plus it will convert it into a PDF.

If there exists a post that you really like on some one else's blog, only grab the URL, plug it into Designrr, and find yourself a PDF version for yourself.



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